Published April 12, 2013
SG Update

At the April 5 Student Government (SG) meeting, representatives from the Division for Diversity and Inclusion gave a presentation on improving the diversity of RIT campus, the student government bylaws were approved and the election results were announced.


Director of Diversity Education Michael D’Arcangelo and Director of Assessment and Research Management Laurie Clayton presented the framework to improve diversity on campus. They focused on four areas: access and success, campus climate and intergroup relations, education and scholarship and institutional infrastructure. They also talked about the Presidential Task Force for the GLBT populations on campus whose purpose was to “review the climate, study data and create a list of recommendations that addresses them.” These recommendations were centered on organizational structure and governance; infrastructure mirroring the four GLBT populations; curriculum; policy review and implementation; and education and development of key administrators, leaders, managers and supervisors.


The bylaw changes were presented by third year Finance major and SG Vice President Sarah Thomas and were all approved without discussion.


Director of Student Relations Anthony Henning reported the election results.

  • Paul Darragh/Nicholas Cifranic- 872 votes, 39.02%
  • Tegan Spinner/Laura Arciniegas- 578 votes, 25.86%
  • Alex Van Hook/Timothy Holmes- 319 votes, 14.27%
  • Shannon Harrington/Lauren Brockbank- 251 votes, 11.23%

**This information only looks at the main candidates for the SG President and Vice President positions. Full election results are available on

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