Published April 19, 2013
SG Update
Leave of Absence policy gets a facelift.

At the April 12 Student Government (SG) meeting, representatives of the Student Success Steering Committee (SSSC) came to discuss their revision of the Leave of Absence (LOA) policy.


Liane Fitzgerald and Stephanie Bauschard, representatives of the SSSC, came to SG to explain why the LOA policy needs to changed and current additions that are starting to be made. They explain that the current policy is somewhat short and leaves a lot to be implied. They also say that there are many misconceptions about its effectiveness and whether it’s a right to utilize the policy. Afterwards, they explained how the LOA should be defined and executed. The two types of LOAs are planned and immediate, or, respectively, an LOA decided before the next term and one done during a term, respectively. Before then, most LOAs had no sort of plan for leaving or re-entering RIT. The SSSC want to implement a required letter of request with approval of the reason from the department. The student must also meet with a faculty member (preferably the student’s academic advisor) to clarify the reason for the leave and develop a plan for leaving and coming back. This plan would ensure that the student is on point with their academic career and success. Fitzgerald and Bauschard hope that the changes will cause much less confusion for RIT regarding refunds and tuition changes and better student relationships with their departments. SG approved of the changes made.

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