Author: Kayla Emerson


Lost Classes

Unfortunately, true gems of classes sometimes get lost to time. Some of these classes are sensible, others whimsical. But schedules and departments change, or student interest wanes, causing classes to no...



Outing Club

“Basically I just love to get away from school for the weekend, just a day to be at peace and to forget about everything else. It’s really nice,” said Emily Moore, a first year Industrial Design major. As a...



Men's Hockey Beats AIC in Two Games

A playoff series with two closely ranked teams made for an exciting weekend for RIT hockey fans. The number eight seed Men’s Hockey team faced the number nine seed American International College (AIC) Yellow...



Three Stars: Tenecia Hiller

After a Division III championship last year and the start of the switch to Division I this year, it has been an exciting year to be on the Women’s Hockey team. And for fourth year Biology major Tenecia Hiller,...


Brick Beat

Late last month, RIT Provost Emeritus Dr. Stanley McKenzie pledged $300,000 to the College of Liberal Arts (COLA) as the Stan McKenzie Salon Endowed Fund. The fund will be used to create an environment like...


Advocacy, not Bargaining

Some time ago, one of my professors had an in-class outburst, angry with how he perceived my class was behaving. The school decided that the professor had conducted himself improperly, and he was...


The Voice of Rochester

The lights go down. The audience is eager; they know what happens next — they know every word. “Ladies and gentlemen…” the doors open and the players push onto the ice, “…here are your…” the anticipation...


Conflict in Gaza

Gaza is a disputed region about a quarter of the size of New York City, located in the west of Israel. For decades, Palestinian militant group Hamas has launched rockets into Israel from Gaza, and the Israeli...



Tigers Snap Winless Streak

This season, the RIT Men’s Hockey team has had their worst start since moving to Division 1. With RIT’s loss to Air Force on December 2, their record became 2-8-3. The Tigers were on their worst Division 1...

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